Statins, Sugar and Fish Oil, Oh My!


Times, they are a changin’.  Here is another article showing that statins may not be worth using in primary prevention for heart disease.  Of course, this is heresy to my cardiology brethren who feel that your LDL should be at zero.   They haven’t even come to grips with the fact that fat (excluding trans fat) is not really evil.   In fact, low fat diets are problematic.   Throw that patient on a statin and it could be even worse.  Make them go on a high carb diet and you have catastrophic results.   What is nice about this article is it shows that what you eat effects how you think.  Only fish oil saved these rats.

We need to start changing our recommendations on what people should eat and what medicines they should take (fish oil vs. statins).  Unfortunately, we won’t. What we will do, though, is pay doctors on quality indicators which force them to use statins and recommend low fat diet and high carb (grain) diets.  It’s truly embarrassing.

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