Crappy Alphabet Soup by Chris Perry

I have been a fan since the Placebo Journal days and member of the round table as Sir Borborygmos. I’m about to quit next month after 35 years. I’m not dignifying this with the title of retirement.  I’d like to leave you with a little fodder for future topics.I have been compiling a list of the ever growing regulatory, punitive,and intrusive government and industry agencies that have made my life miserable.
In no particular order:
  1.           ABFM
  2.           AAFP
  3.           NCMB
  4.           AMA
  5.           CLIA
  6.           HIPPA
  7.           NCQA
  8.           OSHA
  9.           HEDIS
  10.           PECOS
  11.           RUC
  12.           JCAOH
  13.           RBRVS
  14.           RAC
  15.           MAC
  16.           ACLS
  17.           BCLS
  18.           NRP
  19.           PCMH
  20.           PPSA
  21.           PQRS or is it PQRI
  22.           CMS
  23.           SGR
  24.           ICD-10
  25.           EMR
  26.           EHR
  27.           QRUR
  28.           P4P
  29.           MOC
  30.           MU
  31.           ACA
  32.           ACO
  33.           ONC
  34.           HITECH
  35.           ACGME
Keep smiling, Sir Bororygmos
Editor’s Note:  Do I need to say more?  Anybody else have another alphabet soup to add?
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