The Deathoscope


I always laugh when a read those studies showing a doctor’s tie or jacket needs to be removed due to bacteria contamination. Why?  Because I know that those things hardly every touch the patient   Only two things touch the patient.   One is our hands and for years we have ben lectured about washing them or using antibacterial lotion afterwards.  We are finally getting that.  The other, surprise, is our stethoscope.    We use it on EVERY patient and no one talks about it.  I use an alcohol pad on mine but I am sure we could be doing even more.  I mean we go from patent to patient spreading the germs from the flu patient in room 6 right to the next lady’s back in room 7.  Well, it turns out I was right.  This is an issue.   A recent study showed that “stethoscopes tend to be more contaminated than the palms of physicians’ hands”.  How did we miss that?

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