The ICD-10 Travesty


Right now the AAFP and the AMA are fighting with the government to delay the ICD-10 introduction.  You can see that here and here.  The reasons are obvious and are listed in both articles.  This next mandate is just a statistical nightmare whose use is so that others may play with the medical data even more (and make money off us).    Oh, and so insurance companies can find ways to NOT pay us.  Like all the other crap I spout on about in this website, there is no evidence that it helps patient care.   Isn’t that what healthcare should be about?  So why does the idiots at the AAFP and AMA wait until now to complain?  I have been talking about this for years!  This link even shows that the AMA adopted a resolution in 2011.  So what happened?  Wait a minute, doesn’t the AMA make money off the ICD somehow?  Or maybe it is just about putting on a show for them.  They can say they complained but, alas, the government didn’t listen.  Now pay your dues because they do so much for us.

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