Family Docs Assemble!



The AAFP Assembly is almost upon us again.  It will be in Washington, DC in October.  I have been to a couple of them.  One was to launch the Placebo Journal in 2001 (where I was vendor and forcefully thrown out) and the other was few years back when I and a few others dressed in Lederhosen (hey, it was October!) to celebrate 10 years of being thrown out.  It looks like I may be going again this year because it is close to me and I would like to see some old friends.  Here is the email advertisement sent to me by my organization:


Celebrate family medicine again at Assembly.

Attend. The 2014 AAFP Assembly Assembly has evolved since you last attended. Experience more CME, ways to connect, and three general sessions that address what’s happening in your specialty, practice, and life. Connect with like-minded peers. Learn about new practice options. Improve patient outcomes. And enjoy yourself in elegant and surprising Washington, DC.

How you practice family medicine is with skill, knowledge, and compassion. Why is simpler. You were called.

It didn’t hit me at first.  In fact, my colleague had to point it out to me:

You were called? They make it seem like I was called to family practice the same way nuns and priests are called.  Give up on money, ITS A CALLING, NOT A JOB. I am amazed how much the AAFP has abdicated any power it had.  Remember, it’s a calling and it’s ok to make $67,000/ year!

Yes, the AAFP really is that lame.  They are still granola.   They still want to give our profession away to LELTs.  To them, we took a vow of poverty.   That being said, you just need a $600 membership, a $700 conference fee, three nights in a hotel at $300/night, food money, travel money and you are alright with them.

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