How to be an Authentic Doctor #13: You Have to be a Physician


This probably should have been the first tip in this series but there really is no cohesive order to this.  I am sure, once again, that I will be attacked by the militant LELTs (overwhelming minority) for saying this but it doesn’t matter.  They can be an authentic PAs or an authentic NPs.  There is nothing wrong with that nor is there anything wrong with their role in healthcare as long as it is in a collaborative and not competitive manner.  That being said, by definition, you cannot be an authentic doctor if you are not a doctor.   You can call yourself whatever you want.  You can even get a DNP.  It doesn’t matter.  If you want to take this personally, like every militant LELT does, then so be it.  We physicians have had so much stripped from us over the years that we seem to have learned helplessness.  This website, however, is different and doesn’t believe in giving up.  What we went through, the years of training and education, truly matters and I am proud of that.  And why shouldn’t we all be?  With that pride should come caring and integrity and many of the other things I have mentioned or will mention in these tips.  So, stand tall.  Those four grueling years in medical school meant something.  And those three, four or more brutal years in residency meant something as well.

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