One in Four Don’t Take Their Blood Pressure Medications


A study in the journal called Heart found that urine testing of patients with hypertension revealed that 25% were partially or totally nonadherent to treatment.  Wow.  How did they find this number?  Well, they used a urine test available to commercial labs and  tested 208 patients for 40 of the most common antihypertensive medications and their metabolites by performing high-performance liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry of spot urine samples.  So, once again, another study shows that at least 25% patients can be noncompliant.  This is pretty consistent with others studies on the matter.   So now what?  Will there be a future where patients get blood work to see if they are taking their meds?  Will we be firing those who fail that test?  It is highly possible.  I can see a time where docs, so blinded by the pay-for-performance numbers and quality indicators, fall victim to their hospital/insurance employers and start culling the herd of these noncompliant patients.

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