Fecal Grappling


The FDA is such a pain in the ass (pun intended) when approving new treatment modalities.  Fecal transplants may be gross but are a low-cost treatment for a life-threatening infection that could cure up to 90 percent of patients with minimal side effects, often in a few days.  Yet the FDA rules that it doctors could only perform transplants under an FDA-approved research application. This stalemate is going on way too long.  This was the headline, from Fox News, that got me thinking:

FDA grapples with oversight of fecal transplant

So, that is my answer.  Let’s have the members of the FDA go against the researchers in fecal transplants in a grappling match in…..stool.  Kind of like mud wrestling.  Call it fecal grappling.  To the winner goes the spoils, so to speak.

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