More Great Ridiculous Studies by Bennett Cohen MD


I’ve been collecting these for a while. They are a mixed bag – some are simply funny in the reading, some are so obvious that it seems absurd that research money would spent on the surveys/studies reported and that the findings would be thought to be newsworthy.

They come from the APA’s Office of Communications & Public Affairs daily news email:

  • Hamster Study Examines Differences In Jet Lag.

  • Grizzly bears may help researchers better understand obesity in humans.

  • Study: Memory may be altered by new experience.

  • Small Study May Help Explain Reason For Fear Of Snakes.

  • Small Study: Marijuana May Either Ease Or Agitate The Mind.

  • Small Study: Non-Adherence May Be Common In Patients With Schizophrenia.

  • Small Study: Carbon Monoxide In Low Doses May Relieve Urban Stress.

  • Small Study: Shorter People May Be More Likely To Suffer From Paranoia, Mistrust.

  • Report: Mental Health Costs For Post-9/11 Veterans “Will Be Hefty.”

  • Many Combat Veterans Deal With Debilitating Psychological Wounds.

  • Substance Abuse, Depression, Suicide Found In US Military Personnel, Vets.

  • Scan Study Suggests Brain May React To Seeing A Caress.

  • CDC Report Suggests Many Smokers Attempt To Quit.

  • Many Physicians Express Frustration With Insurance Companies.

  • Physicians Who Are Sued May Experience Depression, Increased Suicidal Thoughts.

  • Many Physicians May Be “Going Broke.”

  • Study: Cognitive Decline May Begin In Middle Age.

  • Eating Disorders May Lead To Multiple Physical Problems.

  • Dementia Patients May Be Far More Likely To Be Hospitalized.

  • Experts: Women With Breast Cancer May Often Struggle With Depression.

  • Many Survivors Of Head And Neck Cancer May Experience Depression.

  • Study: Recession May Be Taking Toll On Families.

  • Working Long Hours May Increase Depression Risk.

  • Falling Behind On Mortgage Payments May Harm Physical, Psychological Health.

  • Long-Term Unemployment Associated With Mental Health Issues.

  • Unexpected Loss Of Loved One May Trigger Range Of Psychiatric Disorders.

  • Violence Against Women May Damage Long-Term Mental Health.

  • Stress May Impact Kids’ Health, Well-Being.

  • Growing Body Of Research Suggests Laughing May Benefit Health.

  • APA’s Oldham: Psychiatric Medications Often Relieve Suffering.

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