Joint Commission Sucks Again


Many of you know my hatred for the Joint Commission.   They are a third party used by the government to accredit hospitals.  People think they are the government and the law.  They are not.  They are nobodies who are in love with their own power.   They started sliding into accrediting outpatient offices a few years back as more and more hospitals owned these office.  These are the same idiots who made me remove taped Christmas cards from my office door because they could spontaneously combust.  Yup, not lying.  Anyway, with more mandates come more desires from administrators to brag about their new awards or certificates.  That makes them look better.  The  prize du jour is the ACO or accountable care organization.  And guess who is getting involved with accrediting these ACOs?  Yes, the Joint Commission.  Recently, as described in Modern Healthcare, the AMA is fighting with the JC because the JC wants to allow nurses to lead the ACOs.  This is now the third group trying to undermine physician power in the new ACA (Affordable Care Act). Sorry for all the bullshit abbreviations.  I didn’t make them up.  Anyway, we have the VA, the JC and the PQRS trying to put nurses in charge.  Why?  Money.  Oh, and don’t forget the administrators.  They would love to save money by not paying doctors so they can eventually make more money themselves. Get it?  I have said all along that there is a conspiracy to take doctors down.  This is just another example that proves it.

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