No Metrics Needed



On May 30, the Alliance for Health Reform hosted an event titled “Patient-Centered Medical Homes: The Promise and the Reality”.  Here are some highlights:

  • In a climate of high expectations for the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model, a panel of experts recently cautioned that results such as improved patient health outcomes and reduced care costs won’t happen overnight. For the new care delivery model to work, physician practices should be prepared to devote the necessary time and resources to ensure it succeeds.
  • It’s essential to realize, however, that just as the transformation process itself can’t reasonably be accomplished in a matter of weeks – and possibly even longer – the results of that transformation won’t become evident right away.
  • Gibson noted that comparisons between different medical homes likely won’t provide insight because the patient populations will vary greatly, as will the skills of the medical professionals who work in a given care team.

Can they hedge their bets anymore?   You need to give it as much time as it takes to work (and go broke in the process).  You need to devote the proper resources.  And you cannot compare your PCMH to anyone else.   In other words, it is the perfect scam.  Can anyone else see the irony?  YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE METRICS WHEN INSTALLING A BULLSHIT SYSTEM BASED ON METRICS!

Here is what one doctor said on the comment section on the AAFP site:

Let’s see: no improvement in outcomes; longer working hours; no increase in revenue; 15-20% decrease in patient access . . .

Yup, that is what our great leaders are selling us in to.  Not Direct Primary Care.  No, this crap.

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