Primary Care Bonus


I just read that the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) wants Congress to continue bonus payments to primary care physicians, now set to expire in 2015.  This reminded me of when I was employeed by a hospital for all those years.   I never received this money.  This bonus averages about $4-$10K each provider, each year.  Go ahead and ask your administrator, “Where is my primary care bonus”?  After her puzzled or angry face fades, she will respond with:

  • “How about that local baseball team this year?”
  • “Your contract allows us to collect all monies from Medicare”.
  • “That money is being used for the collective good of the hospital.”
  • “You must understand that each family doctor is being subsidized by the hospital so this money is being used to defray that cost.”
  • “I like turtles.”

Please feel free to give me some more responses using the language of ADMINISTRALIAN.

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