Take It Back by David Fitzpatrick MD


I appreciate you taking the lead on the sad state of the business of medicine. I feel that medicine is doing great…not so much the business. I want to share with you a thought that comes from me via a friend at an unnamed company that rhymes with schmoogle. He reports the history of the past few decades in the high tech world showed that it began with brilliant engineers producing valuable miracles and the business schmucks making ALL of the money.

At some point, the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) folks realized that they were being raped. They realized that having their name on a patent or award was neat but that the business guys had all of the money. All they wanted to do was to make their miracles, but in failing to focus on the big picture, they handed control over to greedy people.

My friend reports that his and most of the high tech companies now put the money and control in the hands of the miracle makers and ‘just go to Harvard and buy a bunch of MBAs and make them fill out the forms and run the business side of the business’.

Will it take a union or some form of collaboration to give docs the power to take back control? It will take a collective state of mind that we don’t take medicare/caid/private to make changes in the system. Fee for service is OK for lawyers. Why not take it back?

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