How to be an Authentic Doctor #23: Keep Learning


In my experience, when young doctors first start seeing patients they do a good job of keeping up with the medical literature.  At least I did and I never considered myself overly zealous.  I wanted to recheck everything I was doing just to make sure (since there was no one overseeing me anymore).  I think I was good about this for a while and then there were some natural lapses.  This occurred when life was crazy or when the schedule was overcrowded or when I was burning out.  It also occurs when you get so seasoned that sometimes you don’t know that you don’t even know.  You ignore the little things and gloss over some things (minor abnormalities in the labs, etc.).  My recommendation is to get your house in order so that you find your passion for medicine again.  Then you will start caring enough to retain what you read or see in a lecture versus going through the mandated motions than many of us do now.  When life and the clinic slow down then you really care enough to spend the time researching all the little things you would normally blow off.  You may want to know the pathophysiology of the dying beta cells in a diabetic.  You may want to know the best way to treat an achilles tendinosis (which is not tendonitis).  I know this sounds easier then it is to do but there are ways to find your passion again and keep learning.   If you aren’t learning and growing then you are probably going in the opposite direction which will make you a mediocre doctor.   You don’t want to be that because authentic doctors are not mediocre.

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