Our Corrosive Culture of Quality


The article in the WSJ was called White House Review of VA Finds “Corrosive Culture”.   Here are a couple of highlights:

  • A White House review of the VA health system points to a culture that degraded the timely delivery of care and requires a restructuring to improve transparency and accountability.
  • It found what Mr. Nabors described as a “corrosive culture” that affects employee performance and patient care. He added that the Veterans Health Administration structure has “impeded appropriate management, supervision and oversight.”The review also found the VA’s goal for scheduling many medical appointments within 14 days is “arbitrary, ill-defined and misunderstood.” That goal had been set in 2011. The VA recently eliminated that 14-day target.

Really?   So, the 14 day rule was “arbitrary, ill-defined and misunderstood”?   Of course it was!   In fact, those three terms are the definition of QUALITY and this 14 day rule was what was put in for quality reasons.  What’s funny is that you will see the first highlight uses the administralian terms I pointed out the other day (transparency and accountability). They love this crap.  Why didn’t they put in my favorite bogus term – quality?  Because that is what made them create the 14-day target!  So, they subtley removed it.


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