ER Visits On The Rise


Drill Sergeant: God damn it, Gump! You’re a god damn genius!

The above quote is what came to my mind when I started to read this article.  Here is the first sentence:

Early evidence suggests that emergency rooms have become busier since the Affordable Care Act expanded insurance coverage this year, despite the law’s goal of reducing unnecessary care in ERs.

Really?  It is not like everyone, including myself, has been saying this for years.  Then there was this beauty:

Democrats who designed the 2010 health law hoped it would do the opposite. They wanted to give the uninsured better access to primary-care doctors who could treat routine ailments and prevent chronic disease, with the intent of keeping patients out of the ER and lowering the cost of care.

Silly Democrats.  It turns out that if there are not enough primary care doctors and you don’t find ways (money) to entice medical students to go into primary care then the whole premise of the ACA is screwed.   Unless this was your plan all along and empowering and churning out more LELTs was your ultimate goal.   And that is what is exactly is going on.

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