Very Simple Rule: Don’t Reuse Needles


I may not be the smartest guy in the world but I know one thing, reusing needles is bad.  Even heroin addicts kind of get that now.  Well, this just in.  A West Virginia pain clinic seem to have ignored this rule (my thoughts in parenthesis):

  • The investigation by West Virginia health officials found that, prior to November 2013, needles and syringes were reused at Valley Pain Management in McMechen to administer pain medications and saline solutions. They said the same pain medication vial was used for more than one patient. (This is bad)
  • Both agencies said the clinic has not cooperated with their requests for a patient list, which they are seeking so patients can be notified of their potential risk of exposure and testing options. (This is not so good, either)

Who here thinks that this pain clinic may have done some other unsavory activities?  Hands up.  That’s one, two, three….okay, everybody.   More to come on this story.  Some doctor is deservedly going down.


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