Two Headlines of Lunacy


Here are two headlines which I think help capture the lunacy of my profession:

One could debate that the first headline is in response to the second headline.   Maybe.  While it is true that wait times are one metric to grade doctors, it is also true that there are so many other metrics tied to the bogus quality scores that doctors can’t get through a visit without being distracted by this crap.  Since the idiots in charge want to move away from fee for service (because being compensated for the value of the service you give is wrong?) then they will continue to increase wait times as doctors try to game the system by treating numbers and not people.  For example, seeing patients who we need to get their numbers (glucose, blood pressure) to look good, whether the patient cares or not, is first priority while those patients with bronchitis or ear infections can wait or go to the urgent care.

Once again, what we have here is the medical version of No Child Left Behind that has failed so miserably for teachers.  Is there any chance that the same morons who started that garbage just moved over to the healthcare system?


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