Clamping Down on Painkillers


You may have noticed all the new restrictions with using pain medications. Amazing. Wasn’t it just yesterday that pain scales were everywhere?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that EVERY patient needed their pain assessed on every visit?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that doctors were the bad guys for not treating pain enough?  Well, now there is a Clampdown on Popular Painkillers.

The Drug Enforcement Administration said it would reclassify hydrocodone combination drugs such as Vicodin and put them in the category reserved for medical substances with the highest potential for harm. The “rescheduling” means people will be able to receive the drugs for only up to 90 days without obtaining a new prescription.

Why has no one ever sued the Joint Commission over this?  They had the power to demand pain scales everywhere (and got it done) and, funny thing, these pain scales were provided by Purdue Pharmaceuticals.  Who are they?  Oh, they just happen to be the maker of OxyContin.  Hmmmm.  Now why would Purdue want to help the Joint Commission with this?  Why would the Joint Commission let them?  A lot of questions that should have been answered because there is a lot of addicted patients and illegal use of prescription drugs now.  But doctors are the bad guys, right?

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