Obamacare Going Up


It’s really interesting when someone can twist a fact and use sleight of hand to make something look different.   You will see what I mean when you read what Jeffrey Young wrote in this Huffington Post:

Health insurance premiums are going to skyrocket under Obamacare next year, maybe even double! No, wait — they’re only increasing a little, and less than before Obamacare! No, wait — they’re … decreasing in some places?

The crucial question about the second year of enrollment on the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges is: How much will coverage cost? Actual prices won’t be available in most states until the exchanges open Nov. 15, or shortly before that, so consumers are left to sort through political spin and preliminary reports that don’t make things any clearer.

So what’s going on? First, most people will pay more for health insurance next year. That’s true whether you get coverage from a job, on your own through an exchange or directly from an insurer, or from Medicare. Health insurance prices tend to go up. It’s their nature, and it’s closely tied to how much the cost of medical care rises.

The good news is that available information indicates the doomsayers were wrong, and premiums under President Barack Obama’s health care law aren’t going through the roof.

The average increase for Obamacare plans will be 8.2 percent next year in 29 states and the District of Columbia where data about health insurance premiums for 2015 are available, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, which has conducted the most thorough review to date. That’s significant, but it’s a little lower than the 10 percent annual rate hikes typical before the Affordable Care Act, according to a recent analysis published by the Commonwealth Fund.

I am paying $13,000 a year for a Bronze plan on the exchange.  The worst plan.  Each member of my family has a $5000 deductible and the whole family has a $12,000 deductible.  This is expected to go up 10-15% next year!  I am supposed to be happy with this?  Wasn’t this debacle called the AFFORDABLE Care Act? Jeffrey, I don’t know who these doomsayers are but I would say premiums are going through the roof as well.  Your agenda is clear, however, and that is to be a minion and mouthpiece for the government and this terrible piece of legislation.  For your information, just because it’s a little lower than the 10 percent annual hikes before doesn’t mean it worked.  Everyone is getting a 3.8% tax to pay for this so who really came out ahead?  Or did you forget that part?

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