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Gang Bang: Student Named Gang Dies After Sperm Donor Marathon

Okay, so it’s not funny when a 23 year old man, Zheng Gang, dies of a heart attack. And if it warrants a lascivious smirk, its still not really funny that he died while “looking at a sexy magazine in a sperm bank” discovered after a nurse noticed he’d been in the private production cubicle for 2 hours. Well, maybe its a little funny that his last performance was his fourth visit to the sperm bank that week. Or that we’re only now learning of his death in 2012 because of the family suing the university sperm bank, claiming their loved one had been pressured into participation. It’s certainly no laughing matter that the family’s demanded one million-yuan compensation was reduced to about 17,000, though it was pretty nice of the university to give the deceased’s wife a 20,000 yuan cut in tuition, and promises to help her find work.

Friends of the late Mr. Gang said that he had even solicited his friends to donate to the sperm bank “in the interests of society.” Okay, now that’s funny as hell. Gang left with a bang, sort of, the situation no longer in hand, but with his boots on.

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  1. Melinda
    September 19, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    If the sperm bank thinks they’ve got problems now with the donor’s family suing them, just wait until the parents of the recipients start suing them when their babies are born with heart defects or have heart attacks at young ages and they find out this was their donor!

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