The Patient Gown Dilemma


It has always amazed me that after all these years the patient gowns we use are still basically the same.   Talking about needing a better mousetrap!  Anyway, this article looks at how these gowns have an effect on patients’ dignity.   “Some doctors argue the garments may strip patients of their dignity and self-esteem, and push them into the passive and low-status ‘patient role.'” It turns out that most people would want to wear pants.  Duh.   They don’t love gowns and would choose to wear their own clothing.  Duh.   This article was mostly about inpatient care but it pertains to outpatient care as well.  The paper gowns are useless.  The cloth gowns are antiquated but feel better to wear (barely).  Does anyone out there have a better mousetrap they are using?  Please send me your ideas or links.




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