Source of Stress


I got fooled again!  The title of the piece is called “EHRs are ‘a source of stress for physicians,’ AMA says” and I just knew it was the docs over at Gomerblog who had put it out.  Nope.  It was a real a real article from something called EHR intelligence.  I am not even blaming them.  It seems the idiots at the AMA came up with these pearls of wisdom.  Here are some beauties from the report:

  • Physicians who feel like they can’t deliver quality care to patients have low levels of job satisfaction, and EHRs are the biggest obstacle to providing the best possible services, argues the American Medical Association (AMA) and the RAND Corporation in a new report.
  • Cumbersome workflows and confusing interfaces are a significant source of stress for providers who want to focus on their patients, contributing to high levels of disgruntlement that may serve as an early warning of deeper problems in the healthcare system.
  • “Physicians are frustrated by systems that force them to do clerical work or distract them from paying close attention to their patients.”
  •  Physicians who have more control over their workflow and the structure of their administrative responsibilities expressed higher levels of satisfaction with their work, while a sense of fairness, equity, and communication with peers and leaders also helped to raise morale. While physicians are generally satisfied with their income levels, they strongly desire to work to the highest level of their training without being required to perform tasks that could be relegated to lower-level members of staff, such as the copious amounts of data entry often blamed on EHRs.
  •  Physicians who feel overwhelmed by their EHR systems may not be delivering optimal levels of quality care, which has a serious impact on patient safety and outcomes. Improving the EHR user experience to keep physicians working at the best of their abilities may be a crucial factor for ensuring the long-term success of the rapidly evolving healthcare industry.

Is it me or are these people just clueless?  Docs having been screaming to the rafters about this for years and somehow now the AMA just became aware?  And they needed Rand to tell them?  Unbelievable. As you can tell, it doesn’t really matter.  Nothing will change.  As the mandates increase so will the workload.  All that will happen is that the employers (hospitals) will hire more minions to try to ease the burden and will offset that by cutting the CEOs salaries.  I’m kidding.  They will cut the doctors’ pay.   I guarantee it! (homage to the dude from Men’s Wearhouse).

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