Is it Battery, or Was He just Re-charging? by Pat Conrad MD


At the Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Chicago, on October 12, 2012 a nurse is alleged to have “initiated unsolicited sexual relations, including intercourse” with a patient in an Illinois cardiac care unit awaiting transplant surgery. The suit filed by the patient and his wife against the nurse and hospital also alleges that the patient was medicated and being prepped for the heart transplant surgery when the assignation purportedly occurred.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that “a nurse of the same name” had been previously reprimanded by the state regulatory agency for “failing “to report having been terminated from a facility for crossing professional boundaries with a patient.”” The nurse now stands accused of battery, for which the cardiac couple wants $150 large.

  • Is there any physical evidence of intercourse linking the plaintiff and defendant?
  • Was the plaintiff capacitated to give consent for sexual congress? Was he already under the influence of opiates or benzo’s?
  • Who actually initiated the get-together? Was this a medication-addled hubby mistakenly reaching out for a last connection with his wife, or, facing death, did the patient see a willing nurse as a last earthly fling and think “why not”?
  • Did the nurse believe that the operative consent extended to all other pre-op ministrations?
  • In a medicated state, did the male hydraulics actually work?
  • Were there witnesses? How was this actually found out?
  • Why exactly is the wife a co-plaintiff?
  • Was this a new initiative to boost the hospital patient satisfaction scores?
  • If the patient took “action shots” and posted them on Instagram, could he be charged with violating his own HIPAA protections?

There is no further report yet on whether this nurse has been moved or terminated, or whether the waiting list has lengthened for that particular cardiac care unit. This is a funny-ass business.

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