Ridiculous Study of the Week: Taking Advice


Let’s make gender an issue in medicine again, shall we?  Here was the conclusions of a recent study:

Patients are more likely to heed the advice of female doctors than their male counterparts

Really?  When you read the rest of the article, the endpoint was whether the patient agreed with the advice and it seems that the men agreed with women doctors more.  I am not sure what this really means?  I can think of some other reasons but that would be inappropriate.

The new study suggests that some male doctors could learn a thing or two from female physicians – at least when it comes to dispensing advice on nutrition and exercise.

Kind of sexist thing to say after one study.  And agreeing to advice versus truly following it is a whole different thing.  I know many husbands who agree to anything their wive’s say just to avoid a fight (and then do what they want to do anyway).

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