Efficient Care


See the happy CEO?  Isn’t that awesome.  He seems so happy.  You’re the greatest, Chet! He makes millions a year and may make more as the physician lemmings behind him follow along.  Read the article.  The title says it all: CareFirst wants to give discounts to members who choose efficient doctors.  How sweet.  Never mind that the definition of efficient is absolutely NEBULOUS in medicine.  Osler has to be spinning in his grave on this one.   I love how the article tries to spin this as a great thing.  Here is a taste:

The doctor designation is one example of how CareFirst plans to begin using data collected as part of its successful Patient-Centered Medical Home program, which aims to slow rising health care costs. CareFirst is also considering waiving co-pays for some members, when the service is an integral part of their care plan, after learning through the PCMH program that about half of members don’t follow their care plan.

Do you see how the PCMH was a trojan horse? This is something I have saying for years.  Where is the AAFP on this travesty?  I am so happy I no longer play by these rules.  Actually, what rules?  They are always changing.

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