Insurance is Out


Well, I am three weeks in.  I have around 100 of the 600 patients I want for my direct primary care practice.  I am sure the rest will come with time and word of mouth.  This is about telling and a little bit about selling.  Here is the recent article in my local paper about me.  It has drawn some interest and we are fielding tons of call.  Inherently, the people get it.  The interesting thing, though, is that I am still in a battle with insurers.  Why?  Because even though I don’t take insurance it is tough for people to grasp the concept that they have to pay more per month to me.  I understand.  The question that I ask them is “what are you getting for the money you pay to your insurer” and the answer is invariably “nothing”.  Unfortunately, they pay so much to these crooks that it doesn’t matter.  So, my focus is value.  I tried exceed my customers’ expectations.  I am sure you rarely hear that from a doctor anymore.

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