Self-Hating Family Doc Strikes Again


There was a nice article in the AAFP website about a recent conference on Direct Primary Care.  No, I am not a big fan of the AAFP nor am I a member anymore.  That being said, it is nice to finally see a glimmer of hope from a dying organization.  They seem to be embracing DPC more and more.  Then I read the comments.  There I saw the same self-hating family doc that I keep seeing any time the term direct primary care comes up.  Mike Oppenheim takes it upon himself to disrespect any family doc NOT dying in the field like he is.  I called him a royal douche over a year ago when he said,”Concierge medicine is sleazy. It aims to maximize income and personal convenience. I’m comfortable labeling doctors who claim otherwise as hypocrites, and that includes several I know personally.”  The AAFP removed my comments and life went on.  This new article, however, enabled good old Mike to come out from the shadows once more and say this:

When doctors talk about a cash-only practice under circumstances when the general public may listen in, they talk about the vast amounts of time they spend delivering superior care to a grateful clientele. Around the lunch table with only colleagues present, they talk about the money. Following AAFP guidelines, I write — respectfully — that DCP physicians are a disgrace to our profession.  Sorry, I meant DPC physicians. I sometimes get you mixed up with chiropractors.

Mike is living proof of that age old maxim that once a douche always a douche.  You see, Mike is a self-hating family doctor.  One who so miserable in life that he cannot stand anyone or any colleague who gets ahead.  He is filled with jealousy and spits venom because he can’t stand what he does or who he has become.  He is embarrassed about his profession, his career choice and about himself.  I feel for him.   Unfortunately, I cannot leave comments on the site because you have to be a member to do so.  But if you feel bad for Mike, like I do, and are a member of the AAFP, won’t you leave him some warm words?  For me?

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