Remember the whole Toyota catastrophe years ago when the cars supposedly accelerated on their own? I love how conveniently the media stops reporting on it when it comes to settlement time.  This article shows how the author received $20.91 for owning a Toyota and why he admits he doesn’t deserve it.  But there is a better part to the story:

  • The 25 primary plaintiffs and class representatives—those connected directly to the case and participating in the actual lawsuit—received $395,270.

That’s it!  Oh, but what about the lawyers?

  • The court awarded attorneys fees totaling $200 million, plus $27 million for expenses.

Where is the outrage for this?  And I don’t want to here those rationalizations that people, usually lawyers, use when they say that it is not so much about the money but about keeping these companies in line.  Bullsh$t. I point out these lawyer class action suit disparities all the time and it never stops.  This crap brings up the prices of cars or supplies or healthcare or whatever is a target at the time.  Don’t believe me? Check out my malpractice rates.