More Mandates


This is another reason why I disagree with the AAFP:

A major issue under consideration is how many primary care visits would be covered by health plans sold on the federal exchanges during a calendar year. CMS initially proposed that it would “encourage” insurers to cover three primary care visits before any cost-sharing kicked in.

In a Dec. 18 letter to the agency,(4 page PDF) however, the AAFP wrote that CMS should require such “first-dollar” coverage for three visits because many individuals who obtain insurance on the exchanges — especially those who were previously uninsured — will have multiple ailments that could necessitate more than one visit.

I get it.  The AAFP wants to protect its members who are still on the hamster wheel. The problem is that as more things get stuffed into this Unaffordable Care Act, the more it costs.  And it costs too much as it is.  I would rather they strip the damn thing to only cover catastrophic coverage.  Then find a way for the insurance companies to offer that product at reasonable price. Right now the insurance companies are in cahoots with the government and prices are not coming down.  A catastrophic only plan will make patients shop for care and make costs transparent and competitive.  That is the only thing that will bring down prices.

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