Material Insecurity


It turns out that “patients with diabetes need access to doctors and medicines to help them keep their disease under control”. I almost made this a “Ridiculous Study of the Week” but I just got hung up on the term “Material Insecurity”.  I just love when new phrases are created for political correctness. Anyway, it turns out that people need enough money in their pockets to pay for necessities like rent and heat or they won’t buy their meds:

Among a group of 411 patients being treated for Type 2 diabetes in the Boston area, those who suffered from food insecurity and those who tried to save money by skimping on their meds were only half as likely as their more financially secure counterparts to be managing their disease. This disparity turned up despite the fact that in Massachusetts, nearly everyone has medical insurance and prescription coverage thanks to the state’s universal healthcare law.

A couple points here:

  1. Once again this proves that guaranteed health insurance is not health care
  2. Skimping meds is bad for you, especially in diabetes
  3. Some aspects of health are controlled by factors outside the medical system

Now my favorite part:

The results, published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine, underscore the fact that some. And yet, doctors are increasingly being held accountable when their patients miss their targets for things like blood sugar and cholesterol, the study authors noted.

Now who has been screaming about this last part for years?  Hmmm, oh that’s right, me!!  These worthless quality metrics are now even being mocked by the LA Times.

There is so much in this study and article that it basically captures everything I do in authentic medicine.  Read it and let it wash over you like a warm summer rain.  It’s called common sense.

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