A study in JAMA found that patient expectations regarding the benefits and harms of any treatment, tests or screenings are vastly unrealistic. In 88 percent of the benefit expectation outcomes studied, authors concluded participants tended to overestimate the benefits of treatment. In 67 percent of the harm expectation outcomes studied, patients vastly underestimated the harm that would result from treatments, tests and screenings, according to the report.  The conclusions were:

The majority of participants overestimated intervention benefit and underestimated harm. Clinicians should discuss accurate and balanced information about intervention benefits and harms with patients, providing the opportunity to develop realistic expectations and make informed decisions.

I agree but the issue is time. Grinding through a 22-25 patient per day schedule will never allow you enough time to document much less speak candidly to patients.  Those expectations may be more unrealistic than patient expectations.  But there is way to do this.  And I am doing it. It is called DPC.