Pray for Pay


This is from the Family Medicine SmartBrief:

The AAFP asked the CMS for additional information on some new codes contained in the 2015 Medicare physician fee schedule because the agency failed to provide relative value units for them. The AAFP letter noted that even though Medicare does not recognize the 99487 code for complex chronic care management services, it should publish the RVUs related to it because other insurers may recognize the code.

The link is broken (and so is the AAFP) so I cannot send you to this reference.  Here are some thoughts.  How weak is the AAFP?  I am so confused. The whole “complex chronic care” trend is not recognized by Medicare?  Someone explain this to me.  Isn’t the whole PCMH or ACO or whatever built on this concept? And the best that the AAFP can do is pray that if the RVUs are published that maybe an insurer will cover it.  Yeah, good luck with that.

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