Fighting Mad?


Here is an article in Politico that is summarized in the AMA Morning Rounds newsletter:

There is widespread dissatisfaction with the Administration’s “$30 billion” effort to digitize health records, combined with a “hungry new Congress,” could pose a threat to the program. While “many believe digital health will eventually bring huge benefits, physicians have seen few of them to date,” and with the government set to cut payments to those who have not demonstrated “meaningful use,” physician groups “are fighting mad.” Next year “promises to be a critical year for determining whether electronic health records will enable physicians to communicate with each other efficiently to create better care.” Politico adds that the spending bill signed by President Obama Dec. 16 includes language that requires HHS’s Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT “to investigate why records aren’t flowing smoothly” between providers “and to decertify software that blocks such transactions.”

Does anyone see the connection here to what the state of Massachusetts did (see my blog on Jan 2)?  Few benefits?  No meaningful use found?  Massachusetts must have known about the dissatisfaction, we all do, but still took it upon themselves to nip the argument in the bud by tying licensure to EMR use.  How sleazy was that?  I would hate to work in that state.  Let’s hope the doctors there grow some balls and push back.  We all need to be watching our own state boards very closely now.


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