ICD-10 Supporters?


Again I thought I was being fooled by the folks at Gomerblog but this was in hard print so I knew it was real.  In the Jan 10 issue of Medical Economics there as a small article talking about the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) who rallied supporters to tweet members to ask them to NOT delay the ICD-10 anymore.  They were doing this to fight the AMA who themselves were writing in to Congress to delay the ICD-10.  I guess AHIMA used tweets, instead of a letter campaign, to show how hip they were?  Anyway, this group’s main reason to drop the ICD-9 coding system is because “it does not meet the needs of today’s healthcare system”.  Really?  Where is the proof that more intensely coding will help care? Even better, where is the proof that you need to code at all?  Doing direct primary care has removed me from these shackles and has only made me realize what a waste of time coding is. The bottom line is that all AHIMA wants to do is save or expand its members jobs.  That’s called self-preservation. Unfortunately, all the ICD-10 will do is drive another round of doctors into retirement or direct care.  That’s called self-preservation too.

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