Tying Medical Licensure to EMR


I have been blogging for years about the slippery slope of tying licensure to bullshit.   I have warned that taking Medicaid patients may be on the horizon.  Well, Massachusetts didn’t go that far but they are moving in that direction:

The Board of Registration in Medicine has finalized regulations that implement a state law requiring physicians to demonstrate proficiency in the use of electronic medical records, as well as the skills to achieve the federal Meaningful Use standard.

Under the regulations, physicians are considered to have demonstrated proficiency if they meet any one of the following conditions:

  • Participating in the Meaningful Use program as an Eligible Professional

  • Having a relationship with a hospital that has been certified as a Meaningful Use participant. This relationship would be satisfied by any one of the following conditions:

  • Employed by the hospital

  • Credentialed by the hospital to provide patient care

  • Having a “contractual agreement” with the hospital

  • Completing at least three hours of accredited CME program on electronic health records. Such a program must, at a minimum, discuss the core and menu set objectives, as well as the clinical quality measures for Meaningful Use.

  • Online CME courses on EHRs from the MMS are available here.

  • Participating or being an authorized user in the Massachusetts Health Information Highway (the state’s official health information exchange)

Why the hell should licensure depend on “meaningful use” when it hasn’t proved to be mean anything?  Look at those bullet points.  They are tying a doctor’s license to his/her relationship to the government or hospital!  Moronic. Idiotic.  I am blown away.

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