Hospital Meetings


I remember going to staff meetings years ago when I worked for a hospital.  Brutal.  Sure, I had some enthusiasm when I first started out but then I realized what an absolute waste of time it was.  The people in charge, administrators, were going to do whatever they wanted to anyway while the minions, us doctors, thought we had a say in the matter.  Silly doctors.  Anyway, it got to be such a joke that doctors would just never show up anymore.  Soon there were many more administrators there (because they keep replicating) then doctors. I also remember making up ways to stall a meeting or create chaos just for shits and giggles.  I figured that if the administrators were going to torture me then I would both actively and passively torture them.  I would have the group define “quality” when they were imposing ridiculous metrics.  I would ask the opinion of a “slow talker” in order to grind the meeting to a halt.  There were so many different ways to do this that it became fun.  Alas, I don’t go to meetings anymore but I did see this hysterical article on the 10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings.  Brilliant. I highly recommend you try some of these at your next hospital meeting.  It will piss off the administrators and hopefully slow some ridiculous policies down.

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