How to Lose Weight


Dennis, a miniature dachshund, was up to 56 pounds because someone had fed the dog a diet of White Castle burgers, pizza, ramen noodles and other human foods.  Now he loves to chase squirrels and birds, play fetch and is a spunky little spitfire.  Why? Because Dennis went on a strict diet of dry dog food and long walks.  Now he weighs 75% less.  So is this an issue of neglect?  Yes. Is this an issue of the food we eat and the lack of exercise we get.  Yes!  Though the article didnt say, I guarantee that the original owner was just as obese and unhealthy from eating the same crap.  And that is what most Americans do.  Instead of being on a strict diet, playing outside and being spunky spitfires, we are instead just couch potatoes who are nature deficient and mope all day in front of some technology (TV, XBOX, computer or smartphone).  Dennis gave us the roadmap to fix all this.  And he didn’t have gastric bypass or any expensive weight loss drugs.



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