Venezuela and Healthcare


If you are up for a sad read then go this article in the Wall Street Journal.  It talks about how bad Venezuela healthcare system is:

Of all the myriad crises in Venezuela, none has so shattered the illusion of a government able to provide for its people than the collapse of health care. Interviews with more than 100 doctors, patients, medical industry personnel and former Health Ministry officials, as well as guided tours of public hospitals in three states, paint a picture of a system in crisis.

People are literally trying to find their own surgical supplies to get operations.  Right now, their healthcare is fully run by the government and only costs 1.6% of the GDP.   Ours is about 19%.  Though we spend waaaaaaay too much because of predatory hospital and insurance charges it does make you wonder whether you get what you pay for.   Just saying.

Okay, go ahead and rip me.


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