Ya Think?


Want to see another example of how any data can be spun in any way you want?  A Huffington Post (liberal) article concluded that “Obamacare enrollees turn out to be more aggressive shoppers than many experts had predicted.”  Really?  Ya think?  Yes!  People will shop and try to get the cheapest insurance they can get!  That is why competition across state lines is forbidden.  That is why you never see commercials for health insurance like the ones Assurance or Geico or Progressive do. This article states that:

Of the 4.2 million people who were returning customers, about half let themselves be automatically re-enrolled with the same plan. The rest came back to HealthCare.gov and contemplated their options, with roughly equal numbers selecting new plans or sticking with what they had before.

Andrew Slavitt, who is principal deputy administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and is about to become the acting administrator, said that “This is a much more active consumer than anybody expected.  We wanted to create maximum choice while we had maximum protection.”  Maximum choice? The choices suck. This is one big tax on any one who can pay it where the money is redistributed to any one who they feel cannot.  Just because you show that people will shop a little doesn’t mean the public healthcare debacle is any good. 

This article wants to make it appear how great Obamacare is.  It is not!  I agree that more people with some protection is a good thing but the cost is way too high.  And even when you get insurance you still have to pay large deductibles. Yes, Americans will cost shop so let’s make some real competition out there.  Oh wait, we can’t.  Why?  Because the biggest secret was that this administration (like the Republicans before them) have been in bed with the insurance companies all along and no one is talking about it.


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