Doc’s Gone Wild by Pat Conrad MD


This week a Nassau County cardiologist, Dr. Anthony Moschetto, was arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, criminal sale controlled substances, arson, burglary, criminal possession and sale of firearms, and criminal solicitation (of a hit man). Alas, there were no strippers, or this might have set up for one hell of a CME weekend.

While investigating Moschetto for selling oxycodone out of his office, the DEA also lured him into selling heroin and two assault weapons, and learned that he was trying to buy dynamite to blow up a competitor and former business partner’s office. He gave up on the explosives, and instead hired two men to burn the office down. When the arson attempt failed (yay sprinklers), the alleged perp hired an under-cover detective to off his former colleague for $20,000 over an unspecified “professional dispute.” According to the Nassau County Assistant District Attorney, Moschetto “wanted to put (the competitor) out of business so he could get his business.”

While searching his home, authorities found a hidden room “that was accessed by a switch-activated, moving bookshelf” in which he kept “hundreds of weapons, including hand grenades, knives and guns.”

After posting a $2 million bond, Moschetto’s lawyer stated: “What he was most concerned about today was his patients. He was most concerned about their reaction, about them feeling comfortable about going to see him. Patients were calling the office all day asking about him. That speaks volume about his character and how he’s viewed in the community.”

If I were his lawyer, I’d point out that this is just the logical conclusion of establishing an ACO, and that the moral obligation to care for his patients in a time of worsening financial constraints brought on by Medicare “quality” standards drove Moschetto to expedite the most efficient solution. And if I were the AAFP, I’d squeal about how cardiologists make too much money, which contributes to gun violence.

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