Fewer Uninsured


Since Obamacare, there are fewer uninsured.  This is a fact.  It is a good thing?  Well, that is debatable.  If the insurance plan is ridiculously costly, then yes!  Also, having insurance doesn’t mean you have health care.  That being said, I do like the fact that people aren’t at financial risk if something catastrophic happens to them medically.  The bottom line is that there are a few positives to this crappy legislation but it is so bad in so many other ways.  You can just read some older rants from me on that.

What’s the point of this blog entry?  I guess it would be to laugh with me at the media as they try to use headlines and statistics to convince public of….anything.   Here is a great example:

Uninsured Rate Gets Lower And Lower, Thanks To Obamacare

Really?  Are they saying that a freaking federal law requiring people to buy health insurance will lower the uninsured rate?  Of course. Why?  Because it is a law!  And don’t forget the expansion of Medicaid, which pushed a ton of people onto the system.  That didn’t hurt the rate did it?   We can create a bill to make it a fine to go the emergency room.  As stupid as that may be it would lower ER rates and save money.

The bottom line is since the gov’t was in cahoots with the insurance companies (who NEVER lowered their rates), this really is just wealth distribution via a massive tax increase so that some people can pay for others.  It is forced charity via Medicaid or via the massive cost of health policies on people who make a higher amount.  It is nothing more than that. Nothing.

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