AMA vs. Dr. OZ



Here is a joke for you. The AMA is going to war with Dr. Oz.  This comes from a medical student who helped craft a resolution for the AMA:

“This is a turning point where the AMA is willing to go out in public and actively defend the profession.  This is one of the most proactive steps that the AMA has taken [on mass media issues].”

Really?  Fighting Dr. Oz represents something special that the AMA is doing?  Sounds about right to me.  I mean they don’t want to fight Obamacare, bogus quality metrics, insurance companies, Big Pharma, etc.  No, that would be too hard. Instead the “AMA will look at creating ethical guidelines for physicians in the media, write a report on how doctors may be disciplined for violating medical ethics through their press involvement, and release a public statement denouncing the dissemination of dubious medical information through the radio, TV, newspapers, or websites.”

Wow, big move (tongue in cheek). Here is why the resolution is lame. The “American Medical Association can’t actually enforce anything”.  Yes, that’s right. Since they are not a regulatory or licensing body, their thoughts are just exhibitions of impotence.  And that basically defines the AMA.


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