ICD-10 and the AAFP


Here is the headline:

AAFP Fights to Shield FPs from ICD-10 Fallout

Amazing.  Like these idiots didn’t see this catastrophe coming?  Now they pretend to be saviors by “shielding” doctors?  What a scam.  You can read the highlighted article above but it’s all fluff.  I was tipped off about this charade from the AAFP itself in their Family Medicine Smart Brief e-newsletter.  In it there was a section called AAFP battles to protect physicians from consequences of ICD-10 transition. That led me to the article above.  Words are important.  Do you see how they shield and protect?   What I found even more amusing was in that same e-newsletter, a few paragraphs down, was this ad:

ICD-10 ready? Check it off your to-do list. Give your practice some breathing room. Start preparing now with helpful products from the AAFP, including the on-demand, in-depth ICD-10 Educational Series and the point-of-care referential flash cards (multiple sets available at a discount). Save when you purchase both the ICD-9 to ICD-10 Referential Flash Cards and the ICD-10 Educational Series in the conveniently packed ICD-10 Bundle. Oct. 1 is almost here. Be properly compensated for the services you provide. Ready, set, go!

Yup.  The AAFP is shielding and protecting but they are always selling too. I mean, if they cared so much about us family doctors why don’t they just give these ICD-10 products away?  Nope. Instead they are making anywhere from $100-250 for each item.

But remember, they are so really angry about this ICD-10 change so we need to support them.

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