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California just passed a law forbidding doctors to bill out-of-network rates for work done in-network.  Wait.  What? Let’s try that again.  The California State Assembly passed a bill which “would forbid ancillary providers from charging patients more than the in-network rate for their specialty, if they delivered service at an in-network hospital”.  Get it?  This is the insanity we accept.  It is like an Abbott and Costello routine.  What if your not an ancillary provider but a regular provider doing out-of-network work at in-network rates?  I guess that would be acceptable as long as you didn’t tell anyone.  But an out-of-network hospital always can be billed at an out-of-network rate unless the provider was ancillary and in-network, which results in canceling each other out.  I don’t know.  Third base.

We need to STOP the madness and get rid of this mess.  This is a game created by insurers and we all have now accepted it as dogma.  It’s an illusion that doesn’t have to be.


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