DPC Doing Too Well


The Midwest’s first Direct Primary Care (DPC) Summit just recently occurred and it surprised the “event organizers by racking up 317 attendees hailing from 45 states. Organizers knew they’d break even with 200 attendees, but a week ahead of the event, registration soared past 300 and suddenly, the three-day meeting was sold out.”  On one hand it is great to see the interest in the kind of practice I am doing.  On the other hand it kills me that the AAFP is making money off this.  The linked article is pretty good and it seems that this concept excites everyone……except the AAFP.  Remember, they can condone this only so much but they really can’t push it.  It goes against everything they believe in, which is sucking at the teat of bureaucracy.   It must kill the big wigs at the AAFP when they see the interest.  Direct primary care docs are leaving their metrics, leaving their RVUs, leaving their ICD-10s, leaving their 99213s, leaving their ACOs, leaving their extenders and faux team approach and leaving the AAFP.  No, the AAFP can’t have this.  Prepare for them to knock us down with some propaganda.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that the AAFP is bunch of cowards and it will be a toy cap gun versus a cannon. 

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