It Still Ain’t a Cat by Pat Conrad MD


A few months back I wrote a short piece on the transgender craze sweeping an ESPY’d nation, and came in for some sharp barbs regarding my lack of sensitivity and empathy for patients seeking to self-mutilate.

Last week in the rush to laud Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner for the courage to publicly cross-dress, self-mutilate, and traumatize his/her family, I came across a column by anti-trans-surgery activist Walt Heyer. “Caitlyn Jenner Needs Therapy, Not Awards” includes the personal regrets of a physician post-gender reassignment surgery; and the dismissive rationalizations of a post-gender reassignment surgeon who him/herself had undergone transition with this fabulous CYA, “I cannot be held responsible when someone makes a bad decision.”

The celebritization (admittedly a made up word, but I like it) of all things “trans” is having an effect. A dear family friend in her eighties is despondent over her mid-twenties granddaughter’s decision to pursue gender reassignment, California lawyers are licking their chops over the coming plethora of bathroom equality lawsuits, and now the White House is forcing the embrace of all things TG on the military. The only “trans” still held up to ridicule is the tasty fat variety used to fry chicken and county fair Twinkies, and that just ain’t right.

Yeah, I digress – what’s the connection to “Authentic Medicine”? Under the guise of hokey, highly arbitrary pseudo-psychology, emotionally fractured patients who deserve real empathy and compassion are being encouraged to seek surgical mutilation of healthy organs. I will continue to make fun of the tragic Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner because he/she holds him/herself out as a public example, whose grotesque self-rationalizations are giving cover to bad surgeons who are harming patients. If the medical community had a fraction of the character it claims, there would be unanimous condemnation of these butchers and they would be shut down.

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