I Want the Government to Take Over Healthcare?


I hear this all the time. If we had a single-payor system run by the government then everything would be great.  Really?  This declaration continues in the midst of the VA scandal, the factor that Medicare is going broke and more of the elderly are getting soaked with the cost and lastly, that hardly any doctor takes Medicaid patients because is costs more to see them than you get paid.  When the government is playing with your money they don’t give a crap.  Here is a nice example I just saw:

 Last year, the Air Force told Congress the estimated cost for developing the Long-Range Strike Bomber from fiscal years 2015 to 2024 would be $33.1 billion. This year, the service put the price tag at $58.2 billion between fiscal 2016 and 2026, a 76 percent increase.

Air Force leaders on Monday shrugged off concerns that the service got the projected 10-years cost of its next-generation bomber wrong to the tune of more than $27 billion.

“There has been no change in the costing factors over the last two years … it was a mistake. It was a regrettable mistake,” Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said during a Pentagon press briefing.

Regrettable mistakes. That’s what happens when it’s not your money.  And we, as taxpayers, get soaked.  Just like Medicare, Medicaid, the VA and Obamacare is soaking us now!  And you want the government to take over the whole enchilada?  Are you crazy?

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