Students, Residents Show Their Passion for Family Medicine


Yup, that was the headline. And it was probably true.  Why? Because medical students have been sold the fantasy of what family doctors used to do and they are still totally idealistic.  And because residents have a vision towards some loan repayment, a guaranteed salary from the hospital and real money in the bank, they also retain their passion.  This post is not to knock them.  This post is to point out what you won’t see.  You won’t see a headline from the AAFP stating “Family Docs in Practice for Greater than Ten Years Show Their Passion for Family Medicine”. It won’t happen and the AAFP knows that so they continue the propaganda.  Here is the ironic thing.  If they were to interview Direct Primary Care doctors, however, they WOULD be able to use that headline. The passion returns!  Hence, the inner conflict of the AAFP.  My fear, however, is that more and more medical students and residents are being bred into the present era of EMRs, meaningless use, unproven quality metrics and industrialized medicine.  They will think that it is the norm and learned helplessness would have already set in by the time they start.  Then there will be no one fighting back other than us old bastards with our gray hair, our cranky attitudes and our fists shaking in the air.  But that’s okay because I have a lot of fight left in me.

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