Time as a Quality Metric


It’s a funny thing but I could not find anyone using “time with patients” as a quality metric.  Isn’t that weird?  It is my belief that the more time you spend with the patient, the better job you will do.  I say this is my belief because I couldn’t find a study to back me up.  And who is going to do this study?  The money train via insurers and hospitals do not want doctors even in the equation. They want us gone.  Why would they study this?  Also, time with patients, which I will abbreviate (TWP) goes against the industrialized medicine model.  I know because I was there in my former life.  I would churn them through, borrow time from the healthy 25 year old to give to the Medicare chronic, and so on.  The truth is you cannot bend reality and pretend rushing through the patients is still giving great care. It wasn’t for me.  Now that I live in a different model/world, TWP is important.  People bring things up that are relevant to their health.  I understand the family dynamic.  I know their jobs.  I know what they eat and if they exercise.  I can teach them things and vice versa.  I can send them references via email and vice versa.  I give them time.  And I am a better doctor than I was.  That metric, TWP, cannot and will not be ever measured by the insurers or the government because it would be shatter the myth of how they define quality.

So tell me if you find an advertisement or website where the “system” brags TWP or time the doctors spend with patients?  Oh, yeah, do not count concierge or direct primary care practices.  We all do that.  It’s a given.

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